The Halls

Τhe Cast Museum comprises of about 900 casts and copies of ancient Greek and Roman artifacts (sculptures, coins, vases, etc). Moreover there are original ancient objects (vases, terracotta figurines, coins, lamps etc) obtained either from old excavations of the University or from collectors donations.


Christos Tsountas Hall


  1. Prehistorically Collection
  2. Original ancient artifacts of pottery and minor arts
  3. Parthenon Frieze
  4. God from Cape Artemision, Charioteer from Delphi
  5. Coins
  6. Early Christian tomb









Konstantinos Romaios Hall

  1. Kouros from Sounion
  2. Pediments from the Temple of Zeus at Olympia
  3. Classical and Hellenistic sculpture
  4. Hellenistic portraits
  5. Reliefs from the Arch of Galerius
  6. Capitals of St. Demetrius
  7. Temporary exhibitions
  8. Amphitheater
  9. Archaic sculpture

10.  Roman portraits